Thursday, 5 July 2012

She's A Rainbow

Okay, so another quick post before I head to bed... :)
This is a pastel sketch I did the other day, once again based on an image I found in Harper's Bazaar UK (link here). As soon as I saw the image the colours really grabbed me, and the movement of the skirt was really good to draw;
This one was done using pastels on paper. I always find I have a real love-hate relationship with pastels; love the vibrancy of the colours, hate the smudgy, dusty mess that seems to end up on my bedroom carpet! Overall I really like this one though, what do you think of it?

Also, just on a side-note before I put up too many blog posts, just thought I should mention about some of the images I use. Whenever  I use someone else's photographs as inspiration for sketches (like in this post and the one before), I'm not trying to claim any copyright or ownership for the images, just showing where I  found them :) I really need to get out and start taking my own original photos, as soon as it stops raining everyday, haha!
Hope you're having a good night :)
Lauren x