Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Week's Worth of Posts!

Hey everyone, hope you're having a good week :) Remember; It's nearly Friday!
I've been neglecting the blog a bit this week, but only because I've been painting at every spare moment :) This is probably going to be a bit of a long and disjointed post because I've done lots of quick, different paintings this week, but I hope you like them!
This one I did a few days ago, based on this image that I found in an old copy of Vogue; the beautiful Jessica Stam, inexplicably climbing over a load of pianos:

Not too happy with how it turned out, I'm half happy with the background, but she just ended up a bit more yellow and skeletal then planned, haha! Ahh well, not everything turns out perfect :) moving on...

This one was based on an old Moschino ad I found in Vogue, and I tried to interpret it in a pop-art style :) I really love the style created by just using black and the primary colours, so I would definitely do more paintings in this style in the future :)

Next, I thought I would try and improve my portrait painting by doing a quick painty sketch of Keira Knightley on an old Vogue's not perfect, but better than some of the people I've painted before, haha! I always think getting faces exactly right is THE HARDEST thing to paint or draw. What do you think?

Next is the one I'm personally most proud of, a city-scape based on an image of New York (I think) :)

City scenes are always one of my favourite things to paint, there's just such a shock of light and colour which can't be found anywhere else.

The next photo I'm slightly ashamed of...I painted a Noel Fielding style ghost on the top of my radio. Not really sure why. Boredom probably. But it kind of counts as art, and it makes me smile whenever I see it, so I figured I'd put a quick photo up of it on here, haha! ;)

This morning I found an old canvas I did for GCSE Art, a kind of uninspiring black and white scene, I think it was of the side of a pond, with all the branches and leaves trailing in the water:

Not my best work, so I didn't feel to bad about painting over it, ready to start again with something new, haha! Painting quick pictures on pieces of paper is fine, but I really miss painting on canvas - I just wish it wasn't so expensive!

What do you think my next big project should be? I'm thinking either a big cityscape or a pop-art style portrait :) any suggestions or ideas would be very welcome! 
Hope you're having a good day, sorry this one's been such a long post! :)
Lauren x


  1. Wow, you are really good!
    My favourite is the picture of New York City.

  2. I find on your blog basic ideas and well achieved.

  3. these are amazingg!!

  4. Love it!! Especially the stereo haha xx

  5. Nice! :)

  6. Oh my gosh girl, love the artwork! I've just moved house in South Oxfordshire and am dying for a nice big painting... might be in touch... :)


  7. all look gorgeous! xx